UPDATE: We're learning a lot about live streaming.  Youtube keeps changing the feed link, which means we have to manually update this page, so if it appears to be old video, keep checking back.  We will try to have it be a live feed as much as possible.  We've had people watching from over 75 countries!  That makes for a great geography lesson for our students!

There is about a 15-second lag from what is actually happening in the classroom. 
The audio will be intermittently turned on and off throughout the day.  If you don't hear any sound, don't fret—it'll be turned back on later.

Thanks for watching!


As part of Saint Mary’s STEM labs, Mrs. Rospert’s third grade class is hatching duck eggs!  The class is learning about life cycles and will be raising the ducklings to—eventually—be released in the wild.

Join us and be a part of the wondrous event using our live streaming camera that is currently keeping watch of what’s happening with our two lovely ducklings!